Our picks for the week of Feb. 14-20: 

• Animals are an endless topic of fascination for us here at MNN. This week we took a look at 10 animals with life spans that put humans to shame.

• Our food blogger has a nasty habit of forgetting to bring coupons to the store. (Sound familiar?) This week she's helping you and herself by finding 23 sources of coupons for organic or natural products.

• On the topic of food, do you realize what fundamental foods, including wheat, we could lose in a disease outbreak?

• They say charity begins at home, but what if starts with the home — literally? For one family, selling their expensive Atlanta home and sharing have the proceeds was the just the beginning of a worthwhile journey.

• Our car blogger says ready or not, electric cars are coming to the U.S. The next few months will be the calm before the storm.

titan• The truth is out there — and so are the means to support life. Check out this gallery of 7 places in our galaxy that are the most likely to harbor aliens, er, life. (That's Titan at left.)

• Since you've got your science cap on, dig into this story about how the movement of fish may hold the secret to a better wind farm.

• Pardon Ken Edelstein, but he's had enough of debate over climate change science. The skeptics have won this battle, he writes, because they know how to sow confusion, but it's time for a media comeback.

• MNN catches up with Eva LaRue of CSI: Miami fame and wonders aloud: Is she the greenest actress ever? Find out.

PLUS: Don't miss the stunning photos from the International Space Station in this week's photo gallery. 

MNN week in review: Coupon deals and foods we could lose
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