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Our picks for the week of Aug. 28- Sept. 3: 

• There’s something inherently spooky about abandoned amusement parks, but there’s also something poetic about them — particularly in the curious way Mother Nature goes about reclaiming the landscape. Take a look at these eight creepy abandoned theme parks.

• If the koala bear above reminds you of your mate — before he's had a cup of morning Joe — then you'll want to flip through this month's animal gallery. You may recognize some other familiar behavior. 

national parks• MNN has been on a whirlwind tour this summer of America's parks. We've created a user's guide to an array of parks, from national monuments to local gems, that's likely to lengthen your bucket list. And if you just want the highlight reel, check out this photo gallery of national parks.

• Allow us to introduce Austin Hay, a high school junior who could be the youngest member of the tiny house movement. He's constructing his very own tiny house on wheels that he plans to take to college ... provided he can find somewhere to park it.

• Speaking of teens taking the initiative, here's a smart way to link your kid's hobbies with his desire to do good through volunteering

• The International Space Station is a massive laboratory — the largest artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. Here are 10 things we bet you don't know about the ISS.

• What if wind power could be cheaper than nuclear? That game-changing thought could be a reality, thanks to a new aerodynamics discovery.

• Times are hard. Your inner "MacGyver" is working overtime to save money and time on the regular tasks of life, but what about the oddball stuff? Check out these 10 wacky and impractical how-to videos — including how to toilet train your cat.

• File this under eco-news you didn't know: the president of Romania wants to mine for gold in Transylvania — even if it means destroying a 2,000-year-old Roman mine and historic site in the process.

• And finally, something to ponder this Labor Day weekend: Someone hands you $7 billion and asks you to choose between an oil pipeline and a wind farm. How do you spend the money?

Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, including the image below of sunrise from space. Enjoy your weekend.

sunrise from space

MNN week in review: Creepy theme parks and adorable animals
The best environmental stories of the week from Mother Nature Network, including abandoned amusement parks and photos taken from the International Space Station