Our picks for the week of May 16-22: 

• Does your dog have allergies? Here's what you can do to treat Fido's symptoms and get rid of the cause.

• More bad news on the BPA front: A study of canned foods showed there's bisphenol A in almost every one — no matter the brand.

• Ken Edelstein recalls the mystery and magic of Cumberland Island.

• Ever wonder why new furniture smells funny? Here's what you can do about offgassing furniture.

"The Gospel According to Earth": Author Matthew Sleeth urges a more respectful way of living on the planet.

• Is your car vulnerable to a cyber attack? Our auto blogger thinks it's a question worth pondering.

• MNN continues to keep up with coverage of Gulf oil spill. This week, the oil finally hit shore and the results weren't pretty. (That's a dragonfly struggling with an oily bit of marsh grass, at left.)

• What's the cost of offshore oil drilling? This in-depth story explores all sides of the issue.

Plus: Don't miss a stunning art installment in Hamburg, Germany, part of MNN's week in photos

MNN week in review: Dogs with allergies and BPA in canned foods
Catch up on the environmental headlines from Mother Nature Network for the week of May 16-22.