Our picks for the week of March 28-April 3: 

• What happens when a great white shark attacks your diving cage? Find out, and see a whole gallery of stunning animal images.

• It's a great, green irony: If all mainstream religions mandate caring for the Earth, why is everyone trashing the place?

• The smiling face above is Brooke Burke, Dancing with the Stars co-host, and she leads off this week's green gossip column. Learn what green steps she's taking.

• Why are there no EnergyStar-rated dryers? Matt Hickman explains the energy-efficiency dilemma.

• Our auto blogger Jim Motavalli test drives the plucky Think City electric car — in Finland. Read on ... you might want one.

• Jamie Oliver (pictured left) shows kids what's really in a chicken nugget. (You've been warned.)

• Our fashion expert helps a reader find a sustainable prom dress.

• Read about one man's mission to create robots that double as musical instruments.

• Just in time for another period of historic flooding, MNN takes a look at where, when and why the water might rise across the U.S. 

• A green auto fleet means more jobs — but where will those jobs be? The U.S. will have to work hard to keep them, our business blogger warns.

PLUS: You won't to miss this image of a frolicking, 4-day-old zebra. And that's just the beginning of the gallery ...

MNN week in review: Don't-miss images and Jamie Oliver's cooking crusade
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the Mother Nature Network for the week of March 28-April 3.