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Our picks for the week of Feb. 13-19: 

• Got the winter blahs? We've got five tasty recipes to chase the blues away.

• Each year, the Southern Environmental Law Center targets special places that are facing immediate, potentially irreversible threats. Here are the 10 most endangered places in the South.

Turks and Caicos• Maybe you've thought about the end of the world, or maybe you avoid such thoughts. Here’s a look at 12 of the most popular ones and the science — or lack of it — behind them. 

• The human body is an amazing thing ... but it does raise a lot of questions. This week, we tackled a new one: What’s the deal with bellybutton lint?

• This week's little ray of sunshine is Turks and Caicos, (at right), a British territory known for outstanding diving and wildlife.

• Two former McDonald's executives plan to launch a healthy, fast-food chain.

• American houses and how they function change with every generation, but a new trend — the demise of the dining room table — has MNN's food blogger up in arms. Robin Shreeves rushes to defend the tradition of family dinner.

• And our home blogger shared this gem: A never-occupied Hollywood Hills mansion with a history of satanic rituals and rumored supernatural activity is on the market for $15.2 million.

chicken in urban garden• In honor of Presidents Day, may we present five eco-friendly first ladies.

• If you're doing your best to eat local and sustainable foods, we have some help: Here are five sustainable seafood recipes.

• Raising chickens has really caught on as a hobby in suburban and urban neighborhoods. Here are eight fun and funky urban chicken coops to consider.

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including an image of a baby red panda playing with its mother in the snow at the Detroit Zoo.

MNN week in review: Endangered places and recipes to chase away the winter blues
This week's best bets from Mother Nature Network.