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Our picks for the week of April 3-9: 

• We can't all have the most organic farms or the lowest air pollution, but every U.S. state is No. 1 in some environmental or public health category ... and No. 50 in another. Here's a look at each state's strengths and weaknesses.

• If the term living furniture conjures up leafy images, then you'll want to check out these seven extreme examples of beautiful, low-impact furniture. 
• This week, we're taking you to Moscow. Inside this giant city are impressive parks, a fledgling organic scene and world-class subways and railways.

• We're thrilled to introduce to our newest blogger, Chris Turner. He's an author and blogger who writes about sustainability and innovation — like a solar panel that works in the dark

Earth as art: Himalaya Mountains• The shopping pros share 10 tips for online shopping, including ways to get the most bang for your buck.

• The image at right may look like something under a microscope, but it's the opposite: This is a view of the Himalaya Mountains from space, courtesy of the Earth Resources Observation and Science Center or EROS. We like to call it Earth as art. 

• Every dog owner has experienced that sinking feeling — when good-natured Fido starts behaving badly. Our pet expert has some tips on what to do.

• Should your teen work at McDonald's? Our food blogger says yes, but not for the reason you might think.

• Margaret Roach is a formerly high-profile media maven who escaped the chaos to turn to nature. In fact, she has just released a memoir, "And I Shall Have Some Peace There," and caught up with our home blogger.  

• Banks make us think of a different kind of green, but here's a quick list of the world's most eco-friendly banks.

Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, including an impressive image of lightning on the Atlanta skyline.

MNN week in review: Environmental superlatives and living furniture
Catch up on the environmental headlines from Mother Nature Network for the week of April 3-9.