Our picks for the week of Jan. 10-16:

7 ultra-green sports: This, we must admit, was an eye-opener. Read on to learn about horse surfing and shin kicking.

• Our blogger trots out his top 10 environmental films, a post that cries out for your feedback.

• Meet the author of Mindfully Green, a pragmatic Buddhist who has written a spiritual guide for the rest of us.

• Ken Edelstein, our media columnist, offers his first annual hot or not list.

• Imagine a world in which females don't need males to reproduce. This fungus-farming ant species has been abstinent for at least 1 million years.

One is the loneliest number ... and these nine species would know — they're confined to a specific habitat and are at risk of extinction. (That's a honeycreeper at left.)

• Mothers everywhere will get a kick out of this one: A green mom's best-laid plans are derailed by cheap plastic toys. (And our food blogger chimes in, too.)

• Ecollywood gets five minutes with TV's most tense star, Keifer Sutherland, who chats about how the show 24 is going green.

• We'll end today's session with a bizarre, head-scratching item: Find out why 42 tons of poison will be dumped on a tiny island near Australia.

PLUS: Don't miss the week in photos, including sled dog races in Germany and balmy weather in Melbourne.

MNN week in review: Extreme sports and pragmatic Buddhists
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