Our picks for the week of June 6-12: 

• Regardless of your political leanings, Sarah Palin is a conversation starter. This week, we included her in a lighthearted poke at America in general. Here are nine cringe-worthy geography gaffes by U.S. politicians.

• The bad news from the Gulf keeps coming, and this article puts it into sobering perspective. These are the 12 worst oil spills in history.

• If you don't want to think about politicians or oil spills, these 9 jaw-dropping caves will captivate your mind.

• Our food blogger writes about manufacturers reducing the calorie count of their products, but she rightly asks a bigger question: who's responsible for counting your calories?

• Creatures like unicorns and monsters are firmly entrenched in our mythology. One of our writers takes a stab at connecting the mythology to reality. Here are 12 real animals that could be mistaken for the creatures of lore.

• Getting back to reality for a moment, here are 17 things you can do to save money and live green.

• Here's an offbeat question: Could science have predicted Al and Tipper Gore's divorce?

• Celine Dion irks her neighbors by building a swimming park in her massive backyard.

• Spill, baby, spill? In spite of the disaster in the Gulf, the 'drill, baby, drill' crowd is making political gains, says columnist Ken Edelstein.

• Finally, we'd like to introduce you to the "Fabulous Beekman Boys," a reality show about two Manhattanites who embrace the country life.

PLUS: Don't miss the week in photos, which jumps from somber oil spill cleanup along the Gulf to surfboarders in South America for the 2010 World Cup (above).

MNN week in review: Fabulous Beekman Boys and jaw-dropping caves
This week's best bets from Mother Nature Network for the week of June 6-13.