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• Our recipe genius loves to show cooks how to create great flavors out of simple ingredients, but this week he's throwing in a new element: finding ingredients in unexpected places. Check out five recipes for cocktails made from foraged ingredients. (That's a luscious Blackberry Cocktail pictured above.) Happy hunting.


• Bear Grylls of "Man vs. Wild" has consumed some nasty stuff over the years. With more than a hint of admiration, astonishment and fair warning — ie: put down the chips for this post — Shea Gunther offers the eight grossest things that Bear Grylls has ever eaten.


Mourning the death of Steve Jobs• You've heard the adage, one man's trash is another man's treasure, but this gallery kicks it up a notch. Here are six pricey artworks made from trash.


• It's time for a weekend drive. Find the best local fall color spots in your part of the country with MNN's fall foliage guide.


• And speaking of going somewhere, here's a new destination to add to your bucket list: Innsbruck, Austria. It's an Alpine charmer with something for athletes, shoppers and the nature-curious.


• Now you can spy Mount Everest from the comfort of your own desk: researchers have installed a solar-powered web cam next door.


• It's an embarassing question that no one wants to ask, so we'll let you save face and answer it for you: What can you do about dog humping?


• Ever heard of shelf clouds? Intrepid reporter Russell McLendon explains this bizarre weather phenomenon in a must-see photo gallery.


• Doctors have been telling women for years that the best way to screen for breast cancer is through breast self-exams. But now some health experts have changed their tune. Find out why.


• These days, news about the proposed Keystone pipeline is everywhere. Now environmental group Friends of the Earth has obtained emails that it says show "bias and complicity" in a government review of the proposal.


Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, including the image above of Chinese exchange students making an impromtu memorial to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

MNN week in review: Foraged cocktails, Bear Grylls' eating habits and more
A compilation of the best original stories from Mother Nature Network for the week, including Bear Grylls' eating habits, a webcam of Mount Everest and much mor