MNN week in review montage

• The Fox News sign (above left) is just one of 15 snarky signs from the Occupy movement around the U.S. (It's sure to end your workweek with a smirk.)

• If you never thought you'd get excited about a thermostat, read about Nest, the product of two former Apple execs with a passion to improve this simple gadget.

• Humans aren't the only intellegent creatures on the planet. (And sometimes humans aren't so smart.) Here are nine of the smartest animals on Earth.

• The tie dye space photo (top right) is part of a Halloween-inspired photo gallery worth a look: Seven images of ghostly nebulae.

Pan Am Games• You've been bombarded with scary thoughts all week, but here's one to chew on: On Oct. 31, Earth will welcome the 7 billionth human. (How's that going to work? We wanted to know, too.)

• Honk — if you dare — as we take you on a cinematic thrill ride. These are 10 of our favorite horror films that feature "killer" cars.

• From Barack to Beiber, we shine a spotlight on eight oversized buses and the celebrities who refuse to part with them.

• Our auto blogger can be a curmudgeon when it comes to award shows, but here's one he actually cares about: the 2012 Green Car of the Year. Meet the five finalists.

• China's Hainan Island — also known as the "Hawaii of the Far East" — was once a place of exile. Travel writer Josh Lew shows you the green highlights of this exotic destination.

• And finally, blogger Matt Hickman ponders a new trend, eco-friendly concierge services, and wonders aloud if your average bear really needs such a thing.

Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, including the image above from the Pan American Games in Mexico. (You can see more great images from the event here.)