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Our picks for the week of Oct. 3-9: 

• Now that bullies have webcams, Twitter and Facebook, the pain they cause can last a long, long time. So what can we do about it?
• We took the Nissan Leaf for a spin (in Central Park!) and it's lots of fun. That's only one of the reasons we love it.
• Bull sharks in the Mississippi? Beluga as big as a car? Behold 11 of the largest freshwater fish in the world.
• Should buying soda with food stamps be an inalienable right? Or is a proposed ban a step in the right direction?

• As if neurotic people didn't have enough to worry about: One study has found that they can each cost society $22,000 a year.

• Surely running an online store has a minimal effect on the environment, right? Well, something's got to power all those computers.


• Sinkholes are pretty cool to see ... from a distance, of course. Check out these 12 amazing holes in the ground.

• Op-ed: All those food recalls make high-tech tracking seem like a good idea. But what will it do to small, local farmers?

• Green acres is the place to be. But can you afford the food? We examine whether organic food is worth the cost.

• What? You haven't planned your Halloween costume yet? Or your party food? Or your decorations? What's wrong with you? 

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including the sneaky tiger cub in the photo above.

MNN week in review: Gigantic fish and so much more
Catch up on the environmental headlines on MNN from the week of Oct. 3-9.