Our picks for the week of Jan. 17-23: 

• Politics and a critical air were in the news this week — and we have trouble walking away from a good fight. So, here's our two cent's worth: Meet seven Republicans who "get" climate change and — because we're an equal-opportunity offender — five Democrats who don't have a clue.

• With the help of experts in the nation's capital, our media columnist gives President Obama his first green report card.

• The photographs and headlines out of Haiti are sobering. In addition to keeping up with the aftershocks, we decided to dig into the science of this particular natural disaster. Learn how they work and where the next big one might strike. 

• Also, MNN correspondent E.B. Solomon offers a first-person snapshot of the horror and hope in Port-au-Prince.

• Karl Burkart gets the heart of the controversy with Himalayan Glacier Goof-up, a smart explainer of how one misquoted scientist has fueled an industry of climate denial.

• The week started on a blue note, Blue Monday to be exact. Statistically, Jan. 18 was the most depressing day of the year. (But think how much better you'll feel on Jan. 25.)

Glenn Close (left) kicks off a celebrity-stuffed edition of Ecollywood. She offers hints about the next season of Damages before handing off to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Eric Stoltz, Lucy Lawless and others.

• Listen to Tesla CEO Elon Musk's ideas about the future of the battery-powered cars — and why he's so optimistic.

A tale of love and vermicomposting: Read the story of one wife who drags her hubby down the road of worm composting in a small Brooklyn apartment.

• And finally ... did you hear the one about the pilot whose plane is shredded by an hungry bear? This DIYer duct tapes his plane back together and flies home. Seriously.

PLUS: The week's not complete until you've taken our visual tour. This week, don't miss the face of one boy getting medical help in Haiti or the expression of the dog getting a makeover in Shenyang, China. 

MNN week in review: Glacier goof-ups and duct tape solutions
This week's best bets from the Mother Nature Network.