Our picks for the week of Dec. 27-Jan.2: 

• Check out these stunning vistas: 10 places to visit before they vanish.

• File this on under Odd Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Know ... can I compost Great Dane poop?

• One MNN writer struggles with the difficult transformation from shopping anywhere to shopping only locally.

• The top 5 tall tales told by climate change deniers in 2009.

Learn about Orlando Brewery's humble beginnings — a self-described hobby gone awry — and its mission to serve organic beer.

Teens discover a new species of cockroach in New York City. Seriously.

• A lot of people aspire to be green ... and sometimes it doesn't work out. Check out this gallery of great not-so-green Hollywood moments.

• Chimpanzees in the wild have created cutlery and are cutting their food into bite-sized pieces.

• Turkey to Italy: Give back the bones of Santa Claus.

• Alan Alda hangs out with the chimps for his latest show, The Human Spark.

MNN week in review: Great Danes and vanishing places
Catch up on Mother Nature Network's headlines from the week of Dec. 27-Jan. 2.