Our picks for the week of April 11-17: 

• Read about a Brooklyn man who is bringing Hasids and hipsters together — on the issue of bicycles.

• There are lots of deadly plants out there. Here are 13 that could kill you.

• A green and budget-minded reader wants to know: How can I find home decor that's eco-friendly and won't break the bank? 

• Planet Pundit: A deadly mining accident puts the spotlight on Don Blankenship, CEO of Massey Energy, and the light is not flattering.

• Charlotte, N.C., has plenty of local food, outdoor recreation options and even a green mayor. Check out this week's eco-destination.

• Need a little touch of garden inside your house? Our home blogger shows you 12 terrific terrariums, including the one at left.

• Here are 10 animals that are bad for the environment.

• The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is coming up next week. Here's your guide to Earth-inspired entertainment. 

• Pierce Brosnan says he took his role as the narrator of the documentary Oceans seriously — as if he were telling the story to his own sons.

• And finally, something to consider: Would you go live off the grid? Here are 7 people who gave up on civilization to go live in the wild.

PLUS: Don't miss this week's gallery, including a sublime image of an Indian youth floating in a Bangalore lake.

MNN week in review: Hasids and hipsters in Brooklyn. Plus: Killer plants
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the Mother Nature Network for the week of April 11-17.