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Our picks for the week of Oct. 24-30: 

• Jon Stewart wants to do more than restore sanity at his rally this weekend in Washington, D.C.; he's also drawing attention to the state of the National Mall.

• You don't have to spend much time in Rome to realize that eating is a major part of life there. This week's destination brings a whole new meaning to the phrase eat local

• Yes, your cat will hate you for it, but there's a certain kind of belly laugh that only comes from looking at pets in Halloween costumes. Plus: Don't miss our Halloween page.

• Who said living green has to stop at the jailhouse door? Here are 14 green places to be incarcerated.

Genetically engineered tomato• Genetic engineering is everywhere. Here are 12 bizarre examples that might surprise you.

• File this under "What will they think of next?" Kimberly-Clark tests a tube-free toilet paper.

• In her new book, "Cheap," Ellen Ruppel Shell shines a light on the ways we engage in a game of chicken with businesses that sell us our stuff. 

• Here's some great advice on how to get organized for fall — before the holidays arrive.

• There has been a lot of press — and a lot of misinformation — about the Chevy Volt. Here are 5 things you need to know

• And finally, your moment of eeeeeek!! Check out our movie-inspired infographic about bedbugs. 

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including a ground-eye view of gorgeous poplar trees.

MNN week in review: Help restore the National Mall and see these Halloween pets
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the Mother Nature Network for the week of Oct. 24-30.