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• We tend to think of robots as modern inventions, but the concept of machine helping man isn't that new. Here are 10 robots and machines from the history books.


• Once you take microscopes out of the equation, the definition of small animals gets more complex. Take for example, the big-eyed Philippine tarsier (pictured above.) These eight animals are some of the smallest of their kind.


• Is it a good idea to buy an electric or hybrid car? Our auto blogger addresses five myths that are standing in the way of green car ownership.


• The South isn't known as a bastion of wind energy, but that image could be about to change. The American Wind Energy Association's Peter Kelley tells MNN how a Southern breeze could lift the region and the industry.


Lochness Monster• Say the phrase "lake monster" and Nessie (pictured at right) comes to mind. But that's not the only lake-dwellig creature that has cult following. Here's our list.


• What's not to like about Paraguay? Often overshadowed by its bigger neighbors, this South American country offers waterfalls, bird-watching and nature preserves.


• Humanity's use of coal, metals and other natural resources is making the planet more acidic, according to a new study that's billed as the first of its kind.


• With the fall TV season in full swing, it was another big week for celebrity spotter Gerri Miller. See what she learned about Hugh Laurie, Jeri Ryan and more. 


Has your community been "fracked"? The Natural Resources Defense Council has unveiled a new online tool that can help — it's all about educating and empowering Americans who live near hydraulic fracturing.


• Let's say you had a choice between limitless clean energy and clean coal. Which would you choose? MNN blogger Chris Turner says you might be surprised by the answer. This week, he explores the endowment effect — our tendancy to place undo value on things we already have — specifically when it comes to energy choices. 


Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, which includes these micro-piglets from Germany.

micro piglets

MNN week in review: Historic robots, tiny animals and why you shouldn't fret about green cars
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