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Our picks for the week of March 6-12: 

• The job market is improving, but it's still no walk in the park. Here are nine simple tips to help you find a job in this tough market.

• On the other side of the coin, if you work full-time, you know that can be a jungle, too. Need a break? Here's how to take an ecologically sensitive cruise vacation

Earth as seen from space• Did you know? The magnetic north pole is moving faster than at any time in human history, causing major problems for navigation and migratory wildlife. 

• If you've been following our space gallery series, you'll love these eight amazing images of Earth as seen from space. (That photo at right puts things in perspective, doesn't it?)

• Invasive species have invaded most corners of the earth. One solution? Eat them. In that spirit, here are six recipes for invasive species. Bon appetit!

• This week, we're taking you to Tallahassee, Fla., where you can release your inner Tarzan in the wild areas outside the city before a more civilized trip to the farmers market.

• New, bizarre revelations about Charlie Sheen were everywhere this week. But did you know that he's a car buff who has trouble keeping track of all his cars?

Iditarod• Speaking of bizarre ... we learned that a Florida state senator is pushing legislation to make it a felony to take a photo of a farm. Seriously.

• It's been an unusually big year for bear attacks. Here's how to meet a black, brown or polar bear and live to tell the tale

• We can't follow such an offbeat string of stories with a bland offering, so here's one more: Seven animals that are eaten alive by humans

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, which gets off on the right foot with the Itidarod (at right.)

MNN week in review: Job search clues and the mystery of magnetic north
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the week of March 6-12.