Our picks for the week of Aug. 22-28: 

• What an egg-filled week this has been. Of course, we like to go beyond the more obvious headlines with this weekly installment. For example, where else did you read that diving beetles have bifocal eyes?

• Ken Edelstein goes back to southern Louisiana, a place that holds lessons for all of us on the power of human error.

• Meanwhile, just a few states over, the race for a U.S. Senate seat is heating up in Florida. Writer Andrew Schenkel ponders why vague plays so well there when it comes to environmental issues.

• The U.S. endangered species list isn't all gloom and doom — just ask a bald eagle. But for every species saved, another 93 have been added to the list, raising concerns we're losing wildlife faster than we can save it. 

egret snags a fish• Speaking of animals, here are 10 scary animals that (surprise!) are harmless to humans.
• For most of the country, summer is winding down — meaning it's back to school time. Here are 10 healthy after-school snacks to get your pack back in the routine.

• Maybe your kids are a bit older? Our family blogger offers 10 green tips for college students heading off to school.

• Our intrepid Hollywood reporter checks in with the cast of "Drop Dead Diva."

Eureka Springs in Arkansas remains a popular tourist destination. Some people visit to experience the historic vibe of the city, some to enjoy the modern spa scene and others to explore the surrounding rivers and natural areas.

• Let's wrap things up with a taste of the offbeat. Check out these sky-high stilettos that have repurposed into planters. 

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including an egret's graceful fast-food run (above.)

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