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• Las Vegas doesn't have a particularly stellar green reputation, but the city is making big strides. Travel writer Josh Lew explains why you should this destination a second look.


• NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope is designed to detect infared radiation. A complicated communication system translates the scope's view into some dazzling images of the universe.


• Some of them were built for spite; others just for fun. We're talking about skinny houses here. MNN's Shea Gunther gleefully presents nine of the world's thinnest buildings.


• Americans will pay an extra $100 billion for gas in 2011, and it's hitting the working middle class right where it hurts. Jim Motavalli rants about why gas prices are just too damned high.


• You know when you feel the tickle at the back of your throat and wonder, am I getting sick? Here's how you can stop a cold before it starts.


• When in doubt, always hold your tongue. That's the basic idea behind eight things you should never to say to your boss.


• You never know when you'll need to know this: Eight tips for surviving an alien invasion.


• Moving brings with it many complications and we've got the answers for one of them: what is the best way to move my pets cross-country?


• After much public debate, the State Department has decided to review how the Keystone pipeline proposal was initially reviewed.


• "The Big Fix" is a documentary about the Gulf oil spill that might make you angry. The filmmakers explain why the spill of 2010 still isn't over. 


Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including this sunset from Siberia (below). 

sunset in Siberia


MNN week in review: Las Vegas' eco-strides and stellar images from NASA
Catch up on the best or most unusual environmental stories from the week of Nov. 6-12, 2011, including skinny buildings and how to stop a cold before it starts.