Our picks for the week of July 11-17: 

• Our family blogger wants to clear the air about an important summer activity. She spells out five myths about camping with kids.

• Ken Edelstein, MNN's Planet Pundit, says the real Climategate outrage is how the media is handling the issue.

• BP has temporarily capped the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. (Let's hope it holds!) In this gallery, you can follow NASA images of the oil spill from its start in April. 

Sun rises over oil booms in Bay St. Louis, Miss.• The 2010 hurricane season has started and it could be rough. Check out our information-packed graphic, from this year's names to which cities are most likely to get hit. 

• Looking at dangers closer to home, here are 11 beauty products that may be killing you.

Little St. Simons Island in Georgia is unlike other hidden green travel gems — this one is relatively easy to reach.

• Our food blogger writes this week about localism gone loco — and how arrogance could destroy the buy local movement. 

• Jim Motavalli says the Chevy Volt is proof that woman have stormed the traditionally male bastion of auto manufacturing. 

• A new study finds that alcohol-loving voles mimic unseemly human drinking behaviors.

• And since we're champions of the offbeat and oddball, here are eight of the world's creepiest trees.

PLUS: Don't miss the week in photos, including a newsworthy sunrise in Bay St. Louis, Miss.


MNN week in review: Myths about camping and photos from space
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the Mother Nature Network for the week of July 11-17.