Our picks for the week of Feb. 21-27: 

• Did you hear? Richard Branson has declared war on carbon and he's pulling together entrepreneurs and philanthropist to win.

• We've got a gallery of eight eye-catching shipping container homes that you won't want to miss.

• Got renovation on the brain? We've got a great list of 10 things to consider before you renovate.

• Our food blogger has been caring for her mother lately, and her experience with food in the hospital has left her feeling empty. She's turned that emptiness into action with a barrage of posts on the problem, how you can help feed caregivers with handy meals for the family and healthy snacks.

• Gordon Edgar has a radical concept: Make the world of cheese accessible to everyone, not just foodies who know a little bit of jargon. MNN sat down with him to discuss cheese and to learn about his book, Cheesemonger: Life on the Wedge.

• Keep your guard up: Here are 15 cute animals that could kill you, including one that's basically immortal.

• Jerry Seinfeld says his wife is the only reason he lives an eco-friendly life — including wood chip napkins. 

• Manufacturers are becoming more aware of BPA, but apparently it's not that easy to go BPA free, reports our family blogger.

• These 10 great green breweries and bars do it all, from organic brewing processes to eco-friendly delivery.

• And finally, let's talk politics and history. Richard Nixon may be best-remembered for Watergate, but you might be surprised to know he created six policies that greatly benefitted the environment.

PLUS: Don't miss the amazing zebra-in-peril photo, part of our weekly photo gallery.

MNN week in review: Nixon's environmental legacy and snazzy shipping container homes
Catch up on the environmental headlines from Mother Nature Network for the week of Feb. 21-27.