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Our picks for the week of Nov. 7-13: 

• If you haven't seen the awe-inspiring underwater art exhibit that was just completed off the coast of Cancun, you're going to want to click on this. 

• Hey everybody — it's time to party like it's 1699! Tips for creating your own throwback Thanksgiving celebration.

• The launch of Pioneer 10 marked the beginning of a new age in space exploration. Here are 10 more iconic images from NASA. (Missed the first installment? Catch up with the original gallery.)

• Space enthusiasts won't want to miss this story about an astronomy village in rural Georgia created by every day astrologers who escaped the bright lights of the big city. 

L.A. Auto Show highlights• Our auto blogger will be like a kid in the candy store at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. Here's his list of 10 buzz-worthy cars. 

• If you're not into creepy-crawlies, you might want to skip this next link. But for those who think bugs are cool, here are the 10 largest insects in the world.

• Our family blogger gives you the inside scoop on a kinder, gentler parenting technique that the celebrities love. 

• Just in time for Thanksgiving dinner planning, our food blogger asks: What's your essential cookbook? (Plus: Don't miss the reader additions in the comments section and our Thanksgiving roundup of recipes, galleries and more.)

What do you do when it's time to say goodbye to an ailing pet? Our pet expert handles an emotional issue with a dose of helpful information.

• This final submission will make you smile, even if you've never played the old-school game Operation. This infographic offers 28 oddball facts about your body

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including the poster child for a stray animal rescue gathering in China.

MNN week in review: Ocean and space offer exquisite artworks
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the Mother Nature Network for the week of Nov. 7-13.