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Our picks for the week of Nov. 21-27: 

• Beautiful Quebec City offers a taste of Europe without such a daunting environmental footprint. 

• Who says a lock has to be made of metal? Here are nine of the craziest things made of wood.

• Even a fictional president sometimes needs kitchen advice. That's why the Butterball hotline is open for turkey disaster calls. While we're talking turkey, you won't want to miss our free bird gallery — a toast to the tradition of presidential turkey pardons. 

• Now that the holiday season has officially begun, it's time to nurture your better self. Here are 20 selfless actions you can take.

Sarah Palin's Alaska• Sarah Palin has been all over the news lately with a new book and even a reality TV show about Alaska. We asked a few media experts about the former governor's new role as frontierswoman and nature lover. 

• Journalist-turned-scientist Melanie Lenart examines the planet of the future and how global warming will change humanity in "Life in the Hothouse."

• The college experience is about first-time freedoms and the pursuit of knowledge, but today's students have the opportunity to take a host of bizarre classes that may not exactly lead down a career path. Here are 15 weird college courses — and yes, they are for credit.

Cher and Stanley Tucci became fast friends on the set of "Burlesque." It turns out they have a lot of green opinions in common.

• Remember Aquaman? A new diving suit gives the wearer the power to breathe under water, just like he did. Find out how it works.

• We know you just polished off a second piece of pumpkin pie. It's OK — MNN is looking out for you. Here are some handy tips for preventing weight gain during the holidays.

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including a heartbreaking image of the relatives of the New Zealand miners. 

MNN week in review: Quebec City and the turkey disaster hotline
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