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Our picks for the week of Dec. 12-18: 

• Most school children know that Saturn is the planet with the rings. This gallery of stunning images will make adults rediscover an appreciation for the sixth rock from the sun.

• Prosthetics have only recently been used on animals, but these nine animal stories celebrate a very human trait: an appreciation for life.

• What do you think about the purchase and sale of human breast milk online? Our family blogger explains the benefits of breast milk classifieds.

• Our auto blogger says terrible ideas were rampant in the late 1980s and early '90s — including one that Time magazine called 'the Mona Lisa of bad cars.' Read on about 5 cars that probably should never have been built.

• Christo's planned art installation over the Arkansas River has many fans and many critics in Colorado.

Olympus BioScapes Competition image• The image at left isn't from a museum — try a microscope. It's part of the Olympus BioScapes Competition, and we've got 20 amazing images that bring tiny things into full-color glory.

• As the U.S. celebrates the arrival of the first Nissan Leaf, here are six things you should know.

• Our pet expert reveals that holiday decorations and pets really can coexist. Plus: Our Christmas page has everything you need for last-minute holiday planning and shopping, including these homemade gift ideas.

• If you're considering charitable giving this year, here are 10 nonprofits that focus on improving the lives of others through sustainable building, design and housing efforts.

• And finally, a holiday-inspired (but quite serious) question: As climate change warms up the North Pole, could some reindeer herds be going down in history? 

Plus: Don't miss the flying dog in this edition of the week in photos.

MNN week in review: Saturn's ring and inspiring animals
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the Mother Nature Network for the week of Dec. 12-18.