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• Our intreped Hollywood reporter catches up with the stars of "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" to learn how they kept it green on set.


• You may recognize the birds in the center of the image above — that's right, they're Darwin's finches. Step into the wonderful world of scientists' tattoos and meet Carl Zimmer, the author of "Science Ink." It's a fascinating read.


• If the very thought of snakes makes you tremble, don't worry. Turns out fear of snakes is genetic. (Doesn't that make you feel better?)


Santas in Scotland• Dogs are known for their loyalty, but these seven canines take the cake — or should we say the biscuit? These tales will warm your heart.


• Speaking of heartwarming, here's an interesting twist on a Christmas classic: six things you probably didn't know about "It's a Wonderful Life."


• There are at least 170 moons in our solar system, some we know better than others. Here's a look at 10 beautiful, bold moons of our solar system. 


• A puppy makes an adorable gift, but it requires a lot of preparation. Here's your homework if you expect to have a new pet this season.


• GOP presdential candidate Newt Gingrich is no stranger to the spotlight, but for those who don't remember the last time he was in the headlines, here's a reminder about a few of his famous quirks.


• You've heard how sugary cereals are marketed to kids, but what's the solution? Our food blogger created a great list of healthy breakfast ideas that you can feed your kids instead.


• And finally, if you've got some extra time this weekend, try your hand at making your own holiday wreath.


Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, including the full story behind the gang of Santas (above.) We think you'll like our new format.

MNN week in review: Snakes, tattoos and the latest 'Sherlock Holmes' movie
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the week, including the wonderful world of scientists' tattoos and much more.