Our picks for the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 6: 

When is a 13-hour train ride better than a 1-hour plane ride? A guest blogger explains.

• We've compiled a gallery of eco-friendly Valentine's Day gift ideas that won't break your wallet.

Ashton Kutcher chats with MNN about the green ways of the cast and crew of Valentine's Day

• Media columnist Ken Edelstein visits with Tea Partiers and advocates for energy efficiency — and comes away with a dizzy feeling.

• And here's something a bit different: Check out this photo gallery of 20 amazing wind farm photos.

• In honor of Groundhog Day, MNN ponders aloud: Why do we think rodents can predict the weather?

• This was a week of bad headlines for Toyota, and our car blogger has been way ahead of the story. Read his post on how electronic interference could play a role in the sudden acceleration problem.

• We launched a new feature this week — the best animal images of the month. You can thank us later.

• This week's must-read is the story of a butcher who has transformed from vegetarianism to ethical omnivorism. 

PLUS: We like to close on a high note, so you must see this image of a 6-month-old lowland gorilla kickin' back, old-school. 

Thumbnail photo of groundhog: Urville Djasim/Flickr

MNN week in review: Tea parties and long train rides
Catch up on the environmental headlines from Mother Nature Network for the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 6.