Our picks for the week of June 20-June 26: 

• Small homes are coming back into favor, but these 10 tiny, well-designed abodes bring a whole new meaning to the concept. 

• C-3PO would be proud: Israeli researchers are hosting a competition to create the best robotic handshake.

• Negotiations about whaling crumbled this week, but there are some questions that go beyond the politics. Are endangered whales still in danger?

Want to support clean energy? First we have to stop bathing in oil. Ken Edelstein details our lack of progress on that front.

• Divine recycling: A Georgia congregation is moving a New York church to Atlanta — stone by stone.

• Our expert handles a shopper's dilemma: Buy a used treasure or a cheaper brand-new version?

• Whole Foods has specific standards for the food it sells. Now the popular market plans to apply those standards to organic beauty products as well.

• Ecollywood: Catch up with "Twilight", "Entourage", Adam Sandler and more in this week's celebrity column.

• Our auto blogger gets the inside scoop on Volkswagen's super-green car plant in Chattanooga.

• Trying to live a frugal, green life? Listen to your elders and consider seven green things our grandparents did

PLUS: Find out why two unlikely allies, a goat and a wolf (pictured above), are furry friends for life. There are more surprises in the week in photos. 

MNN week in review: Tiny homes and huge (endangered) whales
Catch up on the environmental headlines from the Mother Nature Network for the week of June 20-26.