Our picks for the week of July 18-24: 

• Our business blogger thumbs through the Fiske Guide to Colleges and shares the top 10 environmental studies programs for 2011.

• See the baby bird running across the top of this page? That's one of the animals at risk of extinction from the Gulf oil spill.

• "Inside the Outbreaks": MNN interviews Mark Pendergrast about his suspenseful new book about the epidemic intelligence service.

• In this week's Planet Pundit column, Ken Edelstein examines the dark side of electronic efficiency and our electricity-gobbling ways. 

• This week's green destination is more exotic than usual. Josh Lew says the secret to enjoying Tahiti is to travel inland.

• Usually, it's our auto blogger who does the test driving, but this week it's our lifestyles blogger — a self-described reluctant and infrequent driver — who test drives the Nissan Leaf. Find out what she thought.

What causes hurricanes? Just as Bonnie bears down on Florida, Translating Uncle Sam gives you the where, when and how of hurricane season.

• A simple computer program has decoded a lost Biblical language — using the computing power of a laptop.

• You may not agree with their tactics, but you have to admit, PETA comes up with some memorable ads. Here are 10 PETA ads you should see.

• Pet owners know that summer is flea and tick season. Are there natural products that can control them? Our advice team is on the case.

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos, and find out why these kids in Algeria (pictured above) are having so much fun.

MNN week in review: Top college programs and Gulf species at risk
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