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Our picks for the week of April 24-30: 

• U.S. grizzlies are finally bouncing back, but with civilization encroaching on their habitat and climate change shrinking their food supplies, many are once again testing their rocky relationship with people.

• Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that April 29 was the royal wedding in London. Find out how Kate Middleton and Prince Williams tried to make it a low-carbon affair. Plus, you can check out all our wedding coverage here. 

• This week, we're taking you to Juneau, Alaska. Nature is right outside the front door in this capital city, where terrestrial and marine pursuits keep visitors busy.

• There are foods that you instinctively know are bad for you. What about the ones that are bad for the planet? Here are 12 foods that are putting pressure on the planet.

recipes using what's in your garden• If you get the air-travel jitters, you'll want to read this one: How to soothe flying anxiety without over-the-counter medications.

• Ah, spring! It's a gorgeous season in any location, but here are nine of the most beautiful places to experience the season.

• Speaking of spring, now is the time to bring the garden to your dinner table with these delicious recipes. (Those are edible ingredients pictured at left.)

• For our occasional green book roundup, we had water on our minds. From the impact of shrimp farms on the world's mangroves to the eternal life of plastic in our oceans, these five books hold water.

• Our food blogger raises a good question about reusable bags: Do these bags come with their own set of environmental problems?

• This should be an interesting show: Sebastian Copeland goes "Into the Cold" — literally — to bring attention to climate change.

• And finally, we were inspired by water yet again with this gallery of innovative ideas that allow humans to live on water. 

Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, and have a great week.

MNN week in review: Unbearable grizzlies and gorgeous Juneau
This week's best bets from Mother Nature Network for the week of April 24-30, 2011.