Our picks for the week of March 21- 27: 

• Here's a new way to celebrate spring. Our friends at Lighter Footstep bring you 12 urban bicycles that could replace your car.

• Expecting? We've got ideas to help you design an eco-friendly baby nursery.

• There's so much good, green information out there. Earth Matters blogger Shea Gunther helps sort the wheat from the chaff with 8 influential green blogs worth a look.

• The world's least known feline — a flat-headed cat that swims — is now endangered. Find out more about this curious animal. 
• Why does Bill Gates plan to put billions into next-generation nuclear power? Our Green Tech blogger digs into a game-changing partnership with Toshiba and TerraPower.

• The cast of ABC's FlashForward offers a wide array of green living advice. Check out the video.

• We’ve picked six innovative eco-friendly building products that we think are making an impact right now and ones that we believe have potential to change the way we build. 

• Speaking of innovation, here are 15 cutting-edge inventions that save energy and time.

• It seems everyone is getting into police car design. Check out this clean-diesel police car with a BMW engine. (And don't miss Ford's entry: a police cruiser with EcoBoost.)

• Finally, we want to share a recently unlocked treasure chest. These photos are from the Documerica Project, a project by the EPA that harnessed the power of hundreds of freelance photographers to gather images of pollution and everyday life from 1970s America. 

PLUS: Don't miss this week's photo gallery that emphasizes World Water Day — and the many people who don't have access to this dwindling resource. (See the photo of baby bottles filled with polluted water, above)

MNN week in review: Urban bicycles and cutting-edge eco-inventions
Catch up on the environmental headlines from Mother Nature Network for for the week of March 21-27.