MNN's picks for the week of Jan. 25-31:

Emission impossible: Peter Dykstra analyzes this week's big emissions news, saying President Obama is taking a play from the Reagan playbook — and hoping for a completely opposite result.

Rappin' about climate: 10-year-old rapper Lil Peppi gives the environmental discussion a catchy soundtrack.

The Green Bible: MNN chats with Matthew Sleeth about Jesus, SUVs and why the world needs yet another Bible.

Pizza Fusion: This environmentally savvy restaurant aims to prove sustainability can be easy as ... pie.

Top 10 green jobs: Farmers top the list of the hottest green jobs for the next decade.

Green your party: Danielle V. shows you how to throw an eco-friendly Super Bowl party.

NYC's own emerald isle: Plans are underway to transform Governors Island into a stunning eco-park.

Recycling rules: Everything you want to know about recycling, all in one place.

High fructose corn syrup: Understanding the connection between HFCS and mercury.

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