MNN's picks for the week of Feb. 8-14: 

It's a wonderful life?: Frank Capra once produced science classroom short films, including one that warned of the dangers of climate change. Oh, and that was made 50 years ago. Hmmm.

• Know your Niños: In the past 50 years, El Niño periods have strengthened while La Niño periods have occurred less frequently. What does that mean? Find out with Translating Uncle Sam.

Political Habitat: Organized crime and environmentalists make strange bedfellows. 

Paper or digital: Will Amazon's Kindle save the rainforest?

• Ecollywood video: Peter Fonda goes all existential and Niecy Nash, well, she's just an interesting eco-gal.

• Shades of green: You know about Honda's green cars, but click here to learn about their green buildings.  

• Get smart: Google's PowerMeter is a free app that offers real-time data on your energy use — and your neighbor's, too.

• Meet your love match: And save a tree while you're at it.

• Australia's disaster mascot: Sam the koala bear is rescued from the raging Australia wildfires, offering a dose of hope for a ravaged nation.

He's back!: Captain Planet is making his triumphant return, only on 

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