MNN's picks for the week of Feb. 15-21, 2009:

Dumb and dumber: 10 environmental quotes vie for dumbest honors, according to Peter Dykstra.

Air up: Understanding what makes the new compressed air cars super green.

Get to work: Three must-read books for the green-leaning job hunter.

The lighter side of LEED: Yes, green buildings are serious business, but sometimes the quest for LEED goes off the cliff.

Who is that guy?: Meet Blake Jones, the guy talking solar with Obama and Biden this week.

Video break: Danielle is throwing a green tea party, and you're invited.

Book review: "Open Spaces, Sacred Places" explores the world's sanctuaries, some in surprising places.

When green gets big: Can environmentalists learn to love green McMansions?

Ashes to ashes: What's done with your body post-mortem could be the ultimate green act.

MNN's week in review 2/20/2009
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