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Our picks for the week of June 12-18: 

• Love her or hate her, Michele Bachmann knows how to snag a headline. Now she's a presidential candidate, so you need to get up to speed on her opinions. Here's where she stands on the environmental issues.

• In honor of Father's Day, we celebrate the 10 greatest animal dads — the creatures that defy the deadbeat dad stereotype by going above and beyond the call of paternal duty. Plus, if you haven't picked up a gift for your own favorite dad yet, you're in luck: Here are some gift ideas for the self-reliant Pop.

• If you're lucky enough to have a nanny involved in your child's upbringing, you know how important that person can be. Here are 10 things your nanny won't tell you — but she really wants you to know.

• This week, the Environmental Working Group released its Clean 15 — the fruits and vegetables most likely to be free of pesticides — so you can eat healthy AND save a little dough at the market.

boxer on the beach with ball•  That cute boxer at right looks like he's having fun, but what other signals is he sending? Just in time for summer, here are useful tips on how to protect your pooch from getting overheated.

• Like many large organizations, the U.S. military can be slow to change — but that doesn't mean this organization isn't trying. Take for example, six ways the U.S. military is going green.

• Out auto blogger latched on to the story of a South Carolina state senator who thought putting a cap on gasoline prices in his state was a good idea. Jim Motavalli explains why capping oil prices is a lousy idea.

• If you are equally at home at the blackjack table as you are on a mountain bike, come along with us to Macau, this week's destination.

• Aluminum ... parabens ... formaldehyde. If you want to avoid these ingredients that are commonly found in antiperspirants, then you could consider making your own. Here are five natural deodorant alternatives.

• Golf doesn't have a stellar record when it comes to environmental practices, but these five green golf courses are doing their part to change the status quo. 

Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, which includes this ethereal photo (below) of a fisherman on a misty lake in Honghu.

MNN's week in review: 10 noteworthy animal fathers and Michele Bachmann's environmental record
This week's best bets from Mother Nature Network for the week of June 12-18, 2011.