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• Who knew pollen could be so beautiful? That's just one of the surprises from this collection of everyday things seen really close up.


• Are over-the-counter pain medicines merely hiding something your body is trying to tell you? Blogger Starre Vartan shares her thoughts (and pill aversions.)


• Birds are some of the most adaptable animals on Earth, finding ways to survive in a variety of habitats on all seven continents. But since humans rarely take time to sing their praises, here's a graphical tribute to the impressive achievements of our avian neighbors. 


Pac Man sun• Why do pet rescuers ask such nosy questions? Our pet expert explains why these groups feel comfortable going where even your closest friend might fear to tread.


• If you are fascinated by riddles and unsolved codes, take a look at this collection of the biggest unsolved mysteries.


• How should you fight high fuel prices? Buy the most fuel-efficient car, says auto blogger Jim Motavalli. He offers 36 options in a variety of car categories.


• The health benefits for the Mediterranean diet are well-known, but our food blogger wonders if the modern craze is a true representation of the traditional diet.


Mallorca is the largest of Spain's Balearic Islands, an autonomous region that sits in the Mediterranean off the Iberian coastline. The region is one of Europe's most popular beach destinations, but the island has managed to maintain a natural side, making it an ideal destination for eco-travelers.


• A new study shows Alberta's oil sands are nowhere near as polluting as coal — but those aren't our only energy choices, says clean tech blogger Chris Turner. He asks: isn't it time we started relying on these market-ready substitutes?


• You may be enjoying the mild winter temperatures, but there's a double-whammy effect: Allergies are getting an early start at the same time the flu has kicked into high gear. 


• Ever wonder why public schools don't serve much soup? Food blogger Robin Shreeves digs into another example of fuzzy math. 


Plus: If the image above is making you pine for the '80s, you're not alone. Even the scientists at NASA were quick to make the video game connection, naming this week's partial eclipse the 'Pac Man sun.' Have a great week.

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