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• This winter's weather couldn't be weirder. Here at MNN headquarters, we're still waiting for the first snowstorm of the season, while some areas have already been clobbered. We put together this gallery to get in the spirit: 6 cool images of blizzards as seen from space.


• Our family blogger Jenn Savedge was excited about a new line of Legos toys aimed at girls, but now she's stamp-your-feet mad. Is the Friends line of toys an insult to girls?


Bill Gates• While a few pro-nuke leaders have turned against the technology (most notably German Chancellor Angela Merkel), these high-profile, influential and powerful leaders (like Bill Gates, right, and Stewart Brand, above) still think fission is a way to wean us off oil, stop global warming, and lead us to greater energy self-sufficiency.  


• Whether you watch "Jeopardy" or compete in trivia night at your local pub, a healthy store of knowledge is an asset. Plus, the world needs more informed people. So give your brain a boost and check out these seven offbeat but interesting bits of environmental trivia.


• It's time to raise an affordable glass. George Taber's new book, "A Toast to Bargain Wines," champions the $10 bottle and defends the "drink what you want" mantra with anecdotal evidence and science.


• Food blogger Kimi Harris hates packaged foods. As a busy mom, she realizes it's sometimes necessary, but the extra waste drives her nuts. She offers four reasons why we should all give them up.


• You've got more than 150,000 miles on your car and you're feeling good about it, perhaps even slightly righteous. Well, it's time to put you in your place: meet the king of million-mile cars.


• If you haven't discovered the joys of thrifting, but you've always wanted to try, here's your guide. Starre Vartan explains how to find great secondhand clothes. (And she's got more secrets to share about furniture, too.)


• Man-made environmental catastrophes come in varying degrees of tragic, but none is as awful as when human action renders once-pristine land uninhabitable. Here are 10 places ruined by man-made catastrophes.


• And finally, let's wrap up with a visit to Jeju Island, South Korea. After reading this post, you'll understand why it's a favorite of newlyweds.


Plus: See fearless iceskaters and the mother of all sand traps in the week in photos.

MNN's week in review: Blizzards, bargain wines and Lego toys that make us mad
The best stories of the week from Mother Nature Network, from thrifting for great clothes to cars that just keep on going.