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Our picks for the week of July 10-16: 

• As the planet warms and ice sheets melt, the seas are rising. It's worrisome regardless of where you live, but especially so for island nations that see their identities disappearing under the waves. Here are eight ways island nations are coping with rising seas. (That's a floating island above left.)

• Have you looked up at the moon this week? It's amazing — even from down here on Earth. But throw in some space technology and a different vantage point and you've to one awe-inspiring photo gallery of moon images.

• Our auto blogger caused a stir this week with a simple, well-articulated argument about a certain sort of car. Find out why Jim Motavalli hates muscle cars.

• Morieka Johnson, our resident pet expert, addressed a question we're betting you've thought about at one time or another: How can I help pets in my community without taking in another animal?

cheetah cubs• Residents of Los Angeles are preparing for a disaster — and it's not of the natural kind. The shutting down of a major freeway has been dubbed "Carmageddon" for good reason. But look on the bright side: you can eat your way through it. 

• This heat wave may have you considering all your swimming options, including the local lake. Here's what you can do to make sure it's safe to go in the water. 

• One of our bloggers, who happens to worship the outdoors, has come up with a bucket list for nature lovers. Here's a gallery of seven places every green-blooded American should visit.

• Speaking of the outdoors, you won't want to miss this gallery of 10 extreme ways to enjoy the great outdoors. (Canyon swinglining, anyone?)

• A New Jersey homeowner is on her third summer of Google Map hell. A goof in the mapping service has camping wannabes tromping up her driveway — thinking it's the entrance to a nearby state park.

• There's been a lot of buzz lately about shorter workweeks in the summer, which raises a softball of a question: Do you want to work a shorter week?

Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, including the gaggle of cheetah cubs (pictured above.)

MNN's week in review: Coping with rising seas and an abundance of stray puppies
This week's best bets from Mother Nature Network for the week of July 10, 2011, including photos of the moon and how island nations are coping with rising sea l