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• Yul Kwon of "Survivor" fame (above) hosts "America Revealed," a PBS special that delves into how basic systems work in the U.S. .... and how they don't.


• April marks the anniversary of the Gulf oil spill, the biggest offshore spill in U.S. history. In the two years since the disaster, oil spill cleanup techniques have improved. Here's a look at six concepts that may make the next spill less tragic.


• The famous heads of Easter Island evoke "get away from it all" as few other places do. Come with us as we visits six of the world's most remote communities.


Dogs of the Titanic• Our fascination with the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic doesn't seem to be waning. But did you know there were pets aboard the cruise liner? Yes, there were dogs aboard the Titanic (right), and this is their story.


• You can save money and reduce your environmental impact by buying previously used items — this you know. We offer the five must-buy-used items — and four notable exceptions to the rule.


• From "60 Minutes" to new studies, refined sugar has been painted as the villain in recent weeks. But how do you avoid sugar when it's everywhere? Our food blogger offers 12 tips for kicking the sugar habit.


• From fetching and rolling over to skateboarding and playing the Magic Cup Game, these felines prove that dogs aren't the only ones that can do tricks.


Driving while eating — with a burger in one hand and a cellphone in the other — is a sure recipe for highway disaster, says our auto blogger. (And he's pretty grossed out by the food that sneaks under the seat, too.) 


• While the Federal Drug Administration pushed off its decision about Qnexa this week, we took a look at five of the more memorable banned or discontinued appetite suppressants. (And we hope you aren't eating right now.)


Plus: Why is this German shepherd jumping through a hoop of fire? Find out more and check out our archive of great snapshots.

dog jumps through fire


MNN's week in review: Discovering remote places, oil spill solutions and more
While 'America Revealed' with Yul Kwon explores how typical systems work, we also explain new oil cleanup technology and Titanic history.