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• Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here are 29 drugs that interact with cabbage — and not in a good way.


• That questionable-looking liquid you see above is kombucha tea, a sour, effervescent brew. Skeptics say the drink's benefits are unproven by medical studies, but kombucha tea enthusiasts extol its many virtues. We spell out the pros and cons.


• We are far from alone in the universe. Through NASA’s various telescopes, we are now getting to know our galactic neighbors as never before. Take a peek at eight images of galaxies far, far away. 


ice sculpture• Scientists are discovering that a few of us are capable of amazing feats of the senses — some of which seem more superhero than human. We explore seven real superhuman senses.


• This next item doesn't deal with the superhuman, but it is somewhat miraculous. Take a look at 10 celebrities who have aged incredibly well.


• Spring has sprung early, bringing miracles in the garden, early-onset allergies — and the need to clean. Here's how to psych yourself up for spring cleaning.


• Pssst: Want some Tide? Apparently, the black market is hopping for this popular detergent. Find out why. 


• A new study explains why guns and bears aren't a good mix. Blogger Russell McLendon talks to the experts about another tool that will better serve you in a bear encounter.


• Pet expert Morieka Johnson walks you through the holistic side of veterinary medicine, particularly alternative treatments for arthritis.


• And finally, how did a 12-year-old boy talk Frank Lloyd Wright into designing a doghouse? This is a story you won't want to miss.


Plus: Find out more about the icy mermaid (above), just one of several amazing ice sculptures created at the World Ice Championships, which wrapped up this week. 

MNN's week in review: Far-away galaxies and getting a jump on spring cleaning
From drugs that interact with cabbage to the risks and benefits of kombucha tea, we've got you covered with these original stories from Mother Nature Network.