Week in review: Doghouses and hot weather forecasters


• If money were no object, what kind of house would you build ... for your dog? These drool-worthy doghouses are a fun place to start your architectural daydreaming.


• The chill of winter has finally reached MNN headquarters. Next week, we'll start complaining about the weather, but for now, let's embrace the cold with these easy-to-make soup recipes.


• When's the last time your local forecaster took his shirt off? For laughs, we've rounded up America's hottest weather forecasters, including the bare-chested Mike Woods of WNYW in New York City, pictured above on assignment in Hawaii.


volcanic eruption• The stunning image at left is from Mount Redoubt in Alaska's Cook Inlet. See this and other explosive images of volcanic activity in this explainer.


In Taipei, Taiwan, visitors get the best of nature and the big city with hot springs, night markets and a progressive environmental attitude.


 A limited diet doesn't have to be boring. Our food blogger offers recipes and general rules to a friend who had to make a big lifestyle change. Her tasty tips can help regular eaters as well. 


• What if we looked at aging retail spaces and shopping malls through a new lens? Starre Vartan explores them as new community spaces for sports — even urban gardening.


• Forget tiger mothers. A new book says American parents should emulate the French style of bringing up baby.


• Superbugs in Antarctica? It's true. A multidrug-resistant strain of E. coli, potentially even more dangerous than the superbug MRSA, has been discovered living in Antarctic seawater. 


• And let's wrap up the week with a curious question: Can the cinnamon challenge kill you? (And if you don't know what it is, all the more reason to read this story.)


Plus: Don't miss the catch-your-breath cliff diving image in the week in photos.

MNN's week in review: From designer doghouses to simple soups
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