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• How do you go about updating a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece without causing a firestorm? You make it super-green, says blogger Matt Hickman, who explains the tricky balancing act for the caretakers of Taliesin West. 


• If you're looking for a pet bed that's just as unique as your furry friend, look no further than these upcycled finds (above left) — proof that you don't have to sacrifice style when you opt for eco-friendly comfort. And pet lovers, since we have your attention, don't miss this gallery of helpful pet gadgets.


• Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich got a few laughs recently by thumbing his nose at electric vehicles. But you know what, Newt? You really can put a gun rack on a Chevy Volt.


lion cub and snowball• You may find these concepts old-fashioned, but many natural practices — things humans used to do but gradually gave up as urban living took hold — are actually good for us. Here are seven ways to improve your health that are coming back into the mainstream.


• NASA has been monitoring Antarctica's melting sea ice from above through Operation IceBridge. See what NASA sees with this group of photos, which will help you understand why that region's glaciers matter to the rest of the globe. 


• Forget the political bluster on gas pump pain, says auto expert Jim Motavalli. Prices go up for complicated factors that don't fit neatly on a bumper sticker — and presidents can't wave their magic wands and bring back $2.50 a gallon. 


• Ten years after its first pop-up retail experiment in Manhattan, Target opened a 24-hour boutique in Toronto. Urban design blogger Chris Turner explains why the pop-up revolution is all grown up — and ready to inject urban sustainability with a big dose of fun.


• Has winter done a whammy on your skin? Lifestyle blogger Starre Vartan explains why you should got get a facial — before spring arrives.


• For years, Colombia was a no-go zone for tourists. But the city of Cartagena is a testament to the country's success story, drawing investors, tourists and curious travelers who want to experience a place that seemed off-limits for so long.


• And finally, if you work for any kind of cause, be it environmental or community-oriented, you sometimes need a boost. Here's how to stay inspired when you run out of creative fuel.


Plus: Don't miss this gallery of animal photos. The cute guy above is a lion cub in Belgrade's Kalamegdan Park.

MNN's week in review: How to improve on Frank Lloyd Wright and why gas prices go up
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