Three-photo image including dying star, Satyanarayan and street market

• Most stars like the one pictured above die spectacularly brilliant deaths. Thanks to NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes, we’re able to see them as never before. Flip through this eye-opening photo gallery of eight dead and dying stars.


• He's best known for rescuing India's dancing bears, but over the years, Kartick Satyanarayan (pictured above) has helped creatures big and small. Read about this innovative man and others who are redefining what it means to lead and serve the planet in our Innovation Generation series.


• Cities with bustling market scenes are great destinations for tourists. But our travel writer decided to create the superlative list: 10 street markets that should be on everyone's bucket list. 


• Baseball season has begun, which means it's time for boiled peanuts, a trip to the ballpark and a refresher course on the most superstitious baseball players.


citrus recipes• Celebrities from Sarah Chalke of "Cougar Town" to Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters came out this week — with tots in tow — for the third annual Milk & Bookies Story Time Celebration, which blended story time, snacks and lots of family fun.


• As our recipe writer Enrique Gili point outs, a bag of oranges doesn't come with an instruction booklet, so he's compiled five recipes where citrus plays the leading role Enjoy.


• Blogger Chris Turner draws a parallel between crossing a busy street in Hanoi and the secret to successful urban living. Give it a read.


• Earth Day is Sunday — when the TV virtually explodes with environmental fare. To ease your confusion, we've compiled the best TV and movie offerings for the week.


• Would you buy a $60 light bulb that lasts 20 years? Our home blogger raised the question this week and readers had plenty to say about it. Join the conversation.


• If you want to feel a chill up your spine, consider "Alive Inside," a documentary that delves into the power of music for Alzheimer's patients. Now that's a life-altering use for an iPod!


Plus: This rower is making the most of the morning light. Get the big picture and learn more about Paralympian Danny McBride. You can enjoy more great images with our daily  Big Snapshot feature.

Rower in New Zealand

MNN's week in review: Inspirational street markets and stunning dying stars
NASA's telescopes uncover a whole new dimension of the sky and our travel writer takes you on a tour of must-see markets. Plus: "Alive Inside" reveals the power