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Our picks for the week of May 22-28, 2011: 

• This was another wicked week of tornadoes, which splintered the town of Joplin, Mo. For those not directly involved in the storm, it's a good time to understand the science behind this particular brand of Mother Nature's fury. 

• As Memorial Day approaches, we honor 11 of the bravest dogs in history. (That's Smoky pictured above. You'll be impressed with this little guy's story, we promise.)

• It's also the official start of summer, and that means camping and a new dilemma: How to enjoy an adult beverage at camp when you have to carry all your gear? We've got creative solutions.
• You've heard of the eat local movement, but what do the hyperlocals do? Here are 11 extreme ways to eat and drink closer to home.

Woman reading on the beach• Has a summertime read ever left you geographically confused? Never let that happen again with this beach-specific summer reading list. 

• If you've running again after a hiatus, you'll want to read this story about all those brave (crazy?) people running with no shoes on.

• Tim Pawlenty announced his presidential plans this week. Here's what you need to know about his environmental record. (It's tricky.)

• Ever wonder what you should do if you see a stray dog? Our pet expert, Morieka Johnson, shares her experience with a sweet dog named Honey and offers simple steps on how to safely help a pooch in need.

• Here's a story you don't see everyday: Jerko is a houseboat floating on a canal in Brooklyn. That's not so unusual, you say, but here's the catch: that canal is a Superfund site.

• This week we're taking you on a virtual vacation to Penang Island, Malaysia, one of the most unique locales in Southeast Asia.

Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos, with striking images from the tornado-ravaged Midwest and even a map of the universe. Have a safe week.

Inset photo: Jon Hadley/Flickr

MNN's week in review: Life-changing tornadoes, brave dogs and thirsty campers
This week's best bets from Mother Nature Network for the week of May 22-28, 2011.