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• When gas creeps past $4 a gallon, sane thinking goes out the door. (Be honest: how far would you drive to save a nickel on a gallon of gas?) Auto blogger Jim Motovalli explains the odd psychology of fuel prices.


• While we're on the topic of money, do you need help caring for your pet? Pet expert Morieka Johnson reveals the organizations that offer resources for pet owners during tough economic times.


• Embarrassing blunders befall the best of us, but when a public figure performs a Twitter faux pas, the world isn't always so forgiving. MNN writer Melissa Breyer rounds up seven memorable Twitter fails.


British swim competition• "What if we could live sustainably and close to nature?" That's the question the designers of Nature-City asked when they conceived this Oregon element of the MoMA exhibit, "Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream." The pictures alone are worth a look.


• Here's something you probably haven't seen before: A Dutch artist has perfected the science of creating real indoor clouds. It's dreamy stuff. 


• The Intel Science Talent Search is one of most prestigious contests for high school students. Meet a group of young scientists who focused their projects on medical issues. You'll be impressed, we promise.  


• Felines can be sublime, difficult, cuddly ... and downright frightening. Don't miss this compilation of eight of the scariest cats on YouTube.


• If you're trying to kick your smoking habit or lose weight, can hypnosis really help? MNN blogger Starre Vartan decided it was time to find out.


• The clock is ticking down to the 2012 Olympic Games. Find out how London is going for environmental gold. 

• And finally, we've gotta ask: Have you done your taxes yet? Before you stomp off in an angry huff, read these nine nutty but legit tax write-offs. (It won't make the task any less painful, but laughing might help.)

Visual pop: Do you like the ornament-like image of the swimmer (above)? Learn more about it and check out our archive of Big Snapshots, images we just had to share.

MNN's week in review: Memorable twitter fails and beautiful indoor clouds
A roundup of the top original stories from Mother Nature Network this week, including pet resources for the down and out and an explanation of our crazy behavio