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• Ever wonder how jaywalking became a crime? MNN blogger Chris Turner offers an eye-opening explanation, and a solution that sustainability-minded cities can take to heart.


• Dogs were in the spotlight this week, especially Westminster winner Malachy (above, left). As always, our pet expert offers practical information for regular pet owners, including why you should restrain your dog in the car.


dog from Hugo• With the Academy Awards coming up, we wondered about unrecognized four-legged thespians. We think these dogs deserve an Oscar, including the Doberman from "Hugo" (at right).


• Sure, the world is supposed to end in 2012, but NASA says that prediction is likely to turn out like the Y2K scare. But the world will end at some point, and here are some space-centric scenarios for Earth's demise.


• A new study has uncovered a strange theme: getting a vodka buzz can increase a man's wittiness and give him insights into tricky word-association problems. (But what about the ladies?) 


• In North America alone, there is enough energy trapped beneath the Earth's surface to produce 10 times as much electricity as coal currently does. Blogger Chris Turner thinks geothermal power is ready for primetime.


• This news doesn't require a study. Relationships are the key to a happy life — but some relationship require more tending than others. Here are six things you should never say to your mother-in-law.


tease to botox• A day at the spa should be relaxing, not life-threatening. Next time you go in search of a beauty update, consider these five beauty treatments that could be fatal, including botox (at right.)


• Family blogger Jenn Savedge launched a lively discussion about education styles by asking how much technology in the classroom is just right? 


• And we'll wind down with another conversation starter: We deciphered eight mystery ingredients in fast food, and readers responded with gusto. (Some might call it a food fight, but we prefer to call it a robust echange.)


Plus: There's a photo of a pug you're going to want to see in the week in photos.

MNN's week in review: Origins of jaywalking and more ways the world could end
Catch up with this roundup of offbeat, original stories from Mother Nature Network, including jaywalking, vodka and the future of geothermal power.