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• The bond between cats and sailors has been a strong one throughout history — whether the relationship was created for companionship or simply mousing duties. Meet seven famous seafaring cats.


• What can a glowing fish tell us about pollution? A genetically engineered zebrafish that glows greenest in the areas where chemicals are most active is helping scientists understand how endocrine-disrupting chemicals affect the human body.


• It's tough to avoid the phrase "Holy smokes!" when a Batmobile story comes along. But we'll try ... and let our auto blogger explain what it's like to drive the iconic car from the campy '60s TV show.


Extinct animals to resurrect through cloning• Can lost species ever be brought back? While the science of cloning is still in its infancy, many scientists now believe it's only a matter of time before many extinct animals again walk the Earth. Here are 14 extinct animals that could be resurrected.


• Cheap is the new chic — and our recipe expert is all over it. He's created five frugal super-food recipes that average less than $2.50 a serving!


• When news broke recently that "nontoxic" nail polish was, well ... toxic, we decided to look deeper. Here are five everyday products that contain chemicals that are cause for concern.


• A mild winter promises a robust crop of bugs this summer — including the ones that like to gnaw on your pets. Our pet expert explains how you can keep your pets healthy this summer, defying the heat and the bugs.


• The U.S. House has OK'd the "Sportsmen's Heritage Act," a bill that would allow more hunting in national parks and would protect the use of lead ammunition.


Donald Trump battles windmills in Scotland• Heritage pork from small farms is popping up in more places. One of our food bloggers offers six reasons why you should give it a try.


• And we'll leave you with a story out of NYC, where bird lovers are in hot water over water quality — in their bird baths. 


Plus: What's up with Donald Trump's hair? Find the surprise in the big version of this photo, taken in Scotland where the infamous golf-course developer is battling windmills. 


MNN's week in review: Seafaring cats, the Batmobile and much more
This week we're exploring cats and sailors, national parks and lead ammo — and that's just the start.