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• Five "bucks" to the first reader who can properly identify the animal in the photo above. But even if you have no clue, flip through our month in animals gallery and enjoy some beautiful photographs.


• Light pollution dims the night sky for those who live in urban areas, but there are still places where the stars shine brightly. Take a look at these top-notch spots around the globe for stargazing.


• You've read more than a few stories about rising sea levels, but "The Island President" gives this global drama a much more personal perspective, following one man's efforts to save his country from being engulfed by the ocean.


Stylish men enjoying happy hourCan happy hour be healthy hour? Our writer adds a dose of moderation to a series of health studies and comes up with an optimistic view of a drink with friends. Cheers!


• The Masters Tournament is one the world's most famous sporting events — taking place just down the interstate from MNN headquarters, by the way — but it's still shrouded in mystery. Here are six things we're betting you don't know about the Masters.


• If you've always dreamed of doing something more earthy for a living, get inspired by these 10 people who chose Plan B. 


Who owns the air? A group of teens and young adults are asking just that question — and suing the U.S. government. They say it's the government's responsibility to protect the atmosphere as a "public trust" asset. 


• We're whisking you away to Michigan's Upper Peninsula this week. This Great Lakes getaway is just the right place for camping, hiking and getting back to nature.

• Warmer weather means the cute dust bunnies can transform into fearsome dust bears. Here's our pet expert's grooming advice, including the best tools for keeping your pet's shedding under control. 


• You know times have changed when littering becomes as socially unacceptable as smoking or tax fraud. Have a great week .... and don't forget to finish up that paperwork for Uncle Sam.

MNN's week in review: Surprising facts about the Masters, happy hour and more
Learn more about the world's most famous golf tournament, what drives 'The Island President' on his quest and how to turn happy hour into a healthy 60 minutes.