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Our picks for the week of July 3-9: 

• Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander (pictured above), the stars of "Rizzoli & Isles," keep it green on and off the set. Plus, catch up with all the green celebrity news here.

• The next time you're in the great outdoors and find yourself in need of something — from aspirin to toilet paper — remember these 10 useful wild plants.

• See that yummy photo of soup above? That's strawberry soup, and we've got recipes for that and four more delicious summer soups.

• MNN launched a celebration of parks this week — aptly called 60 parks in 60 days — and we'll be showing you what's special about parks big and small, from Yellowstone National Park to that special gem that only the locals know about. Keep up with this ongoing series with this link.

Americans in space• We've got some great faces to share in this week's month in animals photo gallery.

• It's a question many a pet owner has asked: Does my older pet really need all these tests at the vet? We've got the answer.

• As NASA's space shuttle program comes to an end, it marks a turning point in a half-century of manned space flight. MNN takes a look back at five decades of U.S. astronauts in space.

• Planning a camping trip soon? Here are 10 movies not to watch before a camping trip or outdoor adventure. You can thank us later.

• MNN's lifestyle blogger experimented with a 21-day detox — and lived to tell the tale.

• You'll never guess what's hiding in your belly button. (But after you read this, you might change your showering routine.)

Plus: Don't forget to check out the week in photos.

MNN's week in review: Useful wild plants and cool summer soups
This week's best bets from Mother Nature Network for the week of July 3-9, 2011.