photo montage for week in review

• March 22 was World Water Day, a time to focus on conservation of this precious resource. In celebration, here are seven whimsical images of water — and some sobering facts. And don't miss another beautiful (and educational) gallery: Nine impressive rivers in peril.

• Home blogger Matt Hickman loves to write about garden brawls. This week, he tracked down the story of a New Hampshire condo owner whose tidy front garden has bloomed an ugly lawsuit.

• Toothpaste makers are constantly striving to build a better paste, but what exactly goes into these products to give them cavity-fighting, breath-taming, shine-inducing, gum-soothing, white-boosting magic?

Spring tulips• Lest another important date go unnoticed, did you celebrate World Meteorology Day this week? (It's March 23, if you'd like to mark it on your calendar.) In appreciation, here are 16 meteorologists with charmingly ridiculous names.

• Speaking of charming, you might appreciate these examples of crime-fighting felines, including Tama the station master cat with the jaunty hat, pictured above.

• And because we're equal-opportunity animal lovers, here are 10 of the cutest puppies on YouTube.

• Helper dogs accomplish amazing feats on a daily basis, but how much do you know about them? Here are five lesser-known facts about service dogs.

• What can a traveling garden gnome teach us about Earth's gravity? You might be surprised.

• Auto blogger Jim Motavalli — remembering his first "free" car — rattles off six famous examples of mass car giveaways. (But of course, there's a catch.)

• And finally, here's an essay to ponder this weekend: A New York University philosopher suggests that bioengineering people to be herbivores — and more climate-friendly — could help to save the planet. What do you think?

Plus: Spring officially arrived this week — though it feels a lot like summer. Can you guess where the photo above was taken?