Photo montage for January week in review

• Wondering what to cook this weekend? We've got five easy recipes for the dead of winter, including Sweet Potato and Baby Greens Salad (above left).

• The giant spud in the center photo at top is just one of many highlights of Matt Hickman's virtual tour of 10 offbeat food museums.

• Chile is arguably one of the most buzzed-about eco-tourism destinations in South America, and it's largest city, Santiago, is a worthy destination. Josh Lew's description of where to stay and what to see will have you booking your tickets in no time.

JFK's presidential limo• If you share our auto blogger's fascination with historically important vehicles — like the limousine (right) that carried President John F. Kennedy on that fateful day — then you might want to check out his post about famous death cars.

• There's a pug named Harley that ate 100 rocks — and lived to bark about it. Harley is just one of several nominees for the Hambone Award, awarded by a pet insurance company for the most unusual claim.

When does a messy yard qualify for jail time? Matt Hickman shares the story of a down-on-her-luck South Carolina homeowner who was jailed for refusing to clean up her junk-filled front yard. And as an added bonus, there's a positive side to this tale, too.

• Meanwhile this story offers a new dimension to bad luck. These seven inventors were killed by their own inventions.

• The decision about the "leap second" took a pregant pause this week. Unable to reach a consensus, world leaders have delayed a vote on nixing the controversial second, keeping atomic clocks tied to the solar day until at least 2015.

• Many famous celebrities used to do the local news — by the green screen to be more exact. Check out all these celebs who used to do the weather.

• Finally, if you're looking for inspiration about how to build an innovative, sustainable business, look no further than MNN's green book roundup.

Plus: Don't miss the week in photos — and then you'll know why these witches are on a ski lift.

witches on a ski lift